2018 Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

Ultralight Backpacking Thru-Hiking Gear List

Constant State of Change

This is my post Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) ultralight backpacking gear list that is continually evolving and devolving. I call it a thru hiking gear list because it includes items I would carry on a thru that I wouldn’t carry on a small multi-day trip such as: wall charger, full roll of leukotape instead of just a few small pieces, more toiletries, etc. My base weight is currently around 10 lbs, but the list below is around 11.6 lbs as I wanted to include gear that is in my lineup but condition dependent such as my rain pants, ACR Personal Location Beacon, long sleeve shirt and a Patagonia R1 mid layer.

Although I’ve only just started backpacking again recently after a 15 month post PCT break, I ALWAYS have my bag packed and ready to go. I am constantly nerding out and rethinking gear and strategy. Some changes I’ve made as of late are downgrading from the HMG 3400 to a 2400, no longer using waist belt when hiking so all weight is on shoulders, ditched sit pad for my existing groundsheet I’m already carrying, going no cook (KETO backpacking is everything!), replaced sunglass case with crystal light container, ditching titanium BOT mug  and stove for gatorade bottle, replacing 13,500 mAh Anker battery with 10,000 mAh, getting rid of stuff sack which doubled as a pillow and storing all loose items in back pocket of pack and getting instead and using a dedicated pillow (way more comfy!).

Ultralight Backpacking Clothing and Gear List

2018 Thru Hiking Gear List

Backpack & PackingGramsOuncesPoundsCost
BackpackHMG Windrider 2400 SW963.033.972.12$325.00
Food BagZpacks Dyneema Bag44.81.580.10$39.00
Toiletries BagGranite Gear Zipditty 2.4 l19.50.680.0429.95
Shelter & Sleep SystemGramsOuncesPounds
TarpHMG Echo II 312.011.010.69$325.00
Stakes & Stake Bag
Mountain Laurel Designs66.92.360.15$25
Top Quilt Katabatic Gear Sawatch751.026.491.66$535.00
Sleeping PadNeoAir XLite$129.95
Ground SheetHMG Dyneema$170.00
Food & WaterGramsOuncesPounds
Water FilterSawyer Squeeze86.73.060.19$35.00
SporkTitanium Spork19.30.680.04$12.89
KnifeSwiss Army Classic36.41.280.08$12.62
Water BottleSmart Water 1l x 268.02.400.15$5.00
Extra Water BottlePlatypus 2 Liter42.01.480.09$12.95
Extra Bottle
Gatorade for Coffee / Protein Shakes35.01.23.081$2.50
Tools & EssentialsGramsOuncesPounds
HeadlampBlack Diamond Spot88.03.000.19$39.95
BatteryAnker 10,000 mAh178.36.260.39$26.99
Wall ChargerAnker QC$15.99
iPhoneiPhone 7136.84.830.30$739.99
iPhone CableLightning 2-in-18.80.310.02
EarphonesJaybird X3 Bluetooth12.30.430.03$95.99
Toiletries / First AidSee Bottom of Page307.710.850.68$45
Sunglass CaseCrystal Light Container31.51.110.07$2.59
PLBACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ 406161.95.710.36$255.20
Clothing CarriedGramsOuncesPounds
PuffyMontbell Mirage Parka356.712.580.79$379.00
Rain & Wind ShellMarmot Essence178.96.310.39$149.96
Mid LayerPatagonia R1 Hoody353.012.450.78$159.00
Long Sleeve Shirt
REI Tech Shirt203.07.16.045$24.50
LeggingsUA Storm Leggings240.08.470.53$104.99
Rain PantsMarmot Essence177.46.260.39$97.46
Darn Tough 1/4 Cushion66.82.360.15$17.95
ShemaghSynthetic > Cotton93.23.290.21$11.99
Total Base Weight5295.6186.8011.67$3860.77
Worn or CarriedGramsOuncesPounds
HatAlpine Science75.02.650.17$29.00
Base ShirtREI Tech Shirt156.35.510.34$32.48
ShortsPatagonia Strider 5158.05.570.35$65.00
SocksDarn Tough 1/4 Cushion58.02.050.13$17.95
ShoesNike Wildhorse 4788.027.81.74$99.97
InsolesGreen Super Feet104.03.670.23
GaitersDirty Girl Gaiters54.41.920.12$23.00
Trekking PolesBD Alpine Cork257.09.070.57$133.28
Base Weight + Worn6691.6246.6215.41$4336.89

Random Gear Thoughts

My marmot essence jacket may need to go, I’ve replaced it once under warranty and it’s just not durable and wets out quickly (might look into an HMG shell) but what am I expecting at 6 ounces? I’m concerned about long term durability of my HMG Dyneema groundsheet (very little experience with it, no issues so far), I’m considering leaving my puffy at home more often in lieu of my R1 layer, I might downgrade to a lighter puffy…. and I LOVE my shemagh. It’s amazing how useful shemaghs are, especially in colder conditions, so adaptable whether you need to use it to keep your head and neck warm, as a towel, as a skirt when doing laundry on a thru, as a bag with handles to carry stuff in, etc.

Toiletries, First Aid & Repair

My toiletries bag has evolved into a minimal but somewhat heavy affair as it is intended for a thru hike. Included is toilet paper, leukotape, dental floss, hand sanitizer, travel toothbrush, ear plugs, drugs (advil, sleep and caffeine), Mom’s Stuff salve, wet wipes, body glide, sunscreen and deodorant. Yes, I put deodorant on every two to three days on a thru-hike, I’ve gone with and without and I prefer not smelling like rank bo. In the HMG stuff sack is a few bandaids, a lighter, safety pin, extra ear bud tips (just the tips), qtips, nail clippers, and antibiotic spray.

Thru-Hiking Toiletries, Repair and First Aid Kit