PCT Day 113: Lakes and Babies in Ansel Adams National Forest

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PCT Stats: Day 113

  • Daily Mileage: 9.96
  • Starting Mile Marker: 915.95
  • Ending Mile Marker: 925.91
  • Pack Weight: 38.65
  • Weather: Hot!
  • Health: Right achilles is hurting, but plantar / heal felt better.

A New Approach to Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

Yesterday was my first day with my new more flexible shoes and since it was my first day out of town with a heavy pack and a later start after a burger at Red’s Meadow, I only got in 10 or so miles. Today was the same, unfortunately as I called it early at about 10 miles. I know that zero drop shoes mean there will be more pull on my achilles tendons and I felt it in my right foot big time. That being said, the arch and heal pain in my right foot seemed to go away towards the end of the day, which is good, but am hoping a low mileage day today and easing into these new shoes will result in no achilles, arch or heal pain in the long run …. Only time will tell.

Another Day, Another Night

It’s now 6:53, which is early to be at camp, but am going to read the BM Ranger Manual, possibly watch some of Prometheus and call it early. The next week is a critical week in terms of foot health … I’m cautiously optimistic, but calling today early and making similar decisions when necessary are critical!















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