TripTarp Prototypes Have Gone On Sale

TripTarp Backpacking Tarp

Keto & Ultralight Backpacking Gear & Technique

It’s day one of a five day backpacking trip and you’ve forgotten …. your spork? Headlamp? Chapstick? We’ve forgotten all of these things at one time or another. On one trip, I forgot my spork and was left to borrow others’ once they had finished their meal, not fun. Eventually someone found a Gerber baby food spoon and it worked like a charm.

TripTarp’s goal is to prevent leaving items behind and to be a gear list replacement, check list and a shelter all in one.

From their website, “TripTarp is a versatile piece of backpacking gear that ensures you leave every trailhead confident about what’s in your pack. It’s the eleventh essential.” They currently have prototypes for sale and you can sign up for their official launch on their site, check them out!

They are currently selling prototypes for $39.99 at

TripTarp Specs

  • 5′ x 7′ multi-purpose tarp with concisely curated list of backpacking gear
  • Category-specific Flex-Zones™ for easy, organized gear sorting
  • Embedded best practices for wilderness travel according to category
  • Lightweight, weather-proof 70D ripstop nylon, weighs 8.6 oz.
  • 4 corner tie-downs, 4 edge grommets for use as solo or emergency shelter
  • Developed by a professional backpacking guide

TripTarp Backpacking Tarp

TripTarp Backpacking Tarp

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