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Trace Richardson with Ayahuasca Shaman in Peru

Keto & Ultralight Backpacking Gear & Technique

Hiya! Welcome to Alpine Science BETA! On February 5, 2014, I came up with the idea for Alpine Science. As an avid backpacker and outdoorsman, I’ve learned first hand how hard it is to find quality gear reviews, educational tutorials and communities related to backpacking, hammocking, camping and hiking. Buying gear was a mini research project of sorts requiring visiting dozens of sites to try to find quality information and reviews about which gear was the best and which best fitted my needs. My goal is to change that with Alpine Science.

Building something like Alpine Science is no small feat. I’ve bootstrapped it (funded) myself and built it from the ground up almost entirely by myself. I did get some help from a small overseas team in hand uploading over 2000 products and with some of the more advanced coding, but by and far, I worked 7 days a week for the better part of 10 months building out the site and architecture until reaching the point of burnout in November of 2014. So I took 4 months off, travelled to Peru, drank ayahuasca, had a few beers and reminded myself why I started this adventure in the first place.

Alpine Science BETA, What Does That Mean?

I could work for another year or two and still not get everything up to my standards, but as a startup, it’s my responsibility to get the site launched as soon as possible….. even though everything is not just exactly perfect, not an easy task for a perfectionist completionist!

Some things are broken, some things are wonky and our 2000 products are far from complete. There are missing products and products that became out of date days after being entered by hand. This initial product set is what we are using to build the API and interface we need to have products updated automatically, so that when we do start adding products, it will be in a scalable manner. Adding products by hand and keeping products updated by hand is NOT scalable…. one of many lessons, I’ve learned. I only thought we would need 500 products when I started …… bwahahahahahahaha.

Trace Richardson Hiring For Alpine Science
Reviewing Resumes and Looking For New Talent For Alpine Science at SDSU

Defining Success

For all the ups and downs I’ve had building Alpine Science, it has already been a success. What has taken me over a year to build, will take me 3 months, next time. I’ve learned what I’m really good at and what I’m fired from doing. I’m grateful for the opportunity to engage others with similar interests and to get more people outdoors. Thank you for joining Alpine Science on the beginning of our journey!

More People Outdoors Equals More Happy People!


12 thoughts on “Welcome To Alpine Science!

  1. Brandon says:

    Hey the site looks amazing man! If you need a gear tester my job is to explore the woods. If you need someone send me and email.

  2. Bob Gould says:

    Cool website ! Great looking web page! I am a day hiker and am looking forward to reading and reviewing hiking gear. Would like to get into more serious hiking soon. Best of luck Trace !!

  3. Ryan says:

    I just stumbled accross this site last night and was shocked to see so many of the brands I am actualy interested in such as HMG, SMD, Enlightened Equipment, etc. So Excited! Website looks great and wish you all the best! Just had a first child so looking at a HMG 4400 pack and a little guy quilt to get back out there. It seems like I now have an all in one place to buy great gear!

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